You are blessed!

Did you know that you are blessed in so many ways? You woke up this morning, you are breathing and your heart is beating. You are able to read this message and you can choose how you will react to it! There are writings, art and channeled messages for you if you should choose to read them. You can also choose not to- That is your right and your priviledge!

I have updated two pages that I hope will bless you greatly:

Channeled Guidance 

Writings and Artwork September

I would be really grateful if you clicked on one of the pictures and wrote a comment below it after reading the text, even if it has nothing to do with the question asked.

If you want the Newsletter as it becomes available (and that should be soon) Please click here and choose a free book that you will receive along with that first newsletter!

On Saturday October 1st there will be a Sound Healing class that you can join here. To take part of it is perfectly free. You do not have to pay to attend. If you cannot make it for some reason you can watch it later-it will be saved for you!

If you should want healing to focus especially on you – make a donation at least one day ahead of time and I will do that for you or schedule a time to make it possible!

The link to join will be posted in the Event and on School of Abundance half an hour ahead of time.

All the best to you always!

Owner and founder of:

School of abundance

AnnaSUnique-The Loving Presence







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