Right now this is what we will be offering:

The PTSD workshop created for all who want to acquire tools for handling everyday life as well as getting more balanced and empowered. (The next PTSD workshop will start in May 2017).

The Empowerment workshop is for gaining confidence, learning to love yourself and setting healthy boundries. It is also where you find out what you want and start your journey in that direction. This workshop is excellent upon completion of the PTSD workshop. (The next Empowerment workshop will start in June 2017)

The Healing workshop created for all who want to acquire tools for coping and healing from any of the ordinary things that life throws at us sometimes. When we go through separation, divorce, a move, loose a job, get a new job, handle illness, degeneration, pain, betrayal, disloyalty, hurt, or we loose a loved one, it leaves wounds. The healing workshop uses music, creativity, colors, lights, and dignified fun to heal in a loving community. (The next Healing workshop will start in April 2017)

The sensitivity workshop is created for all who want to learn more about how to use their sensitivity as a superpower. More information will be added soon.

Have a beautiful day!