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The Lightworker Community (#LWC) is a place where it’s safe for you to be yourself. In so many places we need to make ourselves bigger or smaller than we really are, but here we can be contradictions and that is fine. We are all strong in some areas and weak or lacking in others. This is why we do best if we work together to find balance and embrace every part of ourselves – even the beautiful contradictions – that actually make sense once they are placed in context.

Wether you want to inspire, need healing, empowerment, ideas, health, balance, a new approach, share your knowledge, or any combination thereof the #LWC will be the place to go to find your #tribe. Here you will find:

  • Free resources
  • Sensitivity introduction
  • Exclusive support group
  • Sensitivity workshop
  • Extra on topic resources
  • Empowerment workshop
  • Inner circle Q&A Coaching
  • Exclusive passes to all new online courses and workshops
  • Instruction videos
  • Exclusive interviews with Lightworkers
  • Tools in many different areas of expertise that you can use as a #Lightworker
  • Personal coaching 30 min/month
  • Special resources on different topics
  • New material added weekly
  • Continued access to all resources

All of the above resources will be at different levels of membership.

Learn more about it here: To be able to receive free access to all of the above you need to be an active Lightworker with a public profile. You also need to offer your services on social media and provide your public information as you sign up. Finally you contribute with content twice a calendar month. Once you have submitted your content you get everything in the Lightworker Community the following calendar month free of charge. You maintain the ownership of your contributions and all the credits. You will also be able to advertise and add links to your profile.

If you want to be a contributor apply HERE.

As humanity evolves through awakening we will all work together toward the greater good of everyone, every living thing, the planet, and the entire universe. My goal is to inspire Lightworkers everywhere to join in the mission to find light in every walk of life, be it light, shady or dark. We will, by joined efforts, bring it forth all over the world. We all start by becoming #freedomfighters in our own lives and then we can show others the path to do the same. We learn to reconnect to our compassion as we listen and serve.

We can be of service in seemingly small ways and make a great difference to others. Here you are able to add your own story about how you are a Lightworker in your community in great ways or small. It may be random acts of kindness, something you do all the time or in your very special way. It will inspire us all to see how we work together all over the planet, making the this world a better place for generations to come!

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  1. Random acts of kindness is a way of life for me. I listen when I get the feeling of bringing something extra, when to go another rout than usual, talking to people, listening, sharing. – Lena

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