The Loving Presence

I have been called The Loving Presence and it really means that I speak to the divine in you and not your ego or your mind. I speak to your purpose and the self-acceptance that you carry within to help your own loving, passionate, authentic self to awaken to the realization of who you are as a divine being. As I honor your divinity, it honors you.

It will strenghten the love and belonging that is already present within you, so you can feel the passion for your life path wherever it may lead you. It will carry you through tough times and it will give you a fearless joy during the great and beautiful experiences on your chosen path.

Wether I am creating, teaching a workshop, channeling guidance, writing a book or oracle cards, I am yielding to love in service to your spiritual growth. I like to keep it real because all spiritual matters have a practical application that is relevant to us all.

Below you will find the books that have been published and soon there will be Oracle Cards too.