Anna S Unique is a Human Potential Thought Leader, Holistic Creative Healer, Public Speaker, Published Author, Awardwinning Soloist in Classical Music, and Creative Artist.

She holds degrees in Professional Writing, Teaching, Music Composition, Research, Theology and Lifecoaching. Her inspirational writing has been published at SRN.net and her creative works have been published on the Simple Reminders network. She is a published author of three books of poetry and one book on spiritual growth in Swedish and her poetry is featured in a Jubilee Collection of Swedish Poetry. She is currently mentored by the gracious couple, Bryant McGill and Jenni Young and enrolled in Bryant McGill’s Thought Leader School.

She got awards and scholarships for her classical singing and performed in locations all over Europe. She has been a soloist in several choires and a Music Director at a local High School where she taught Music Compostion. She is a composer and musician of 30 years and has authored musicals for students of all ages and healing music.

Using her own color which gives a three dimensional effect her artwork is featured as backgrounds to her inspirational writings at Uniquely4U.  Her art and music are featured in the videos that you can find on Uniquely4U. on AnnaSUnique and Uniquely4U Sound Healing.

Despite all the education, scholarships, awards and degrees, her work has evolved through years of her own healing journey. As she was reconciling her own humanity and divine nature with her passionate desire for freedom of body, mind, soul, heart and spirit, the development of the different healing techniques all brought together in a holistic creative approach formed. The creative healing approach also keeps evolving as she does.

She is comitted to walking in her own wisdom and living as she teaches. It is the only way that she can keep the integrity of what she shares through her work. Her teachings aren’t just ideas or inspirations, they are unique expressions of her own divine experiences.