Obstacles and solutions

There are many obstacles in the way for people and sometimes the struggles that you are working through might not even be your own. How do you know if what you are feeling and experiencing actually is yours or someone else’s? Read or watch the videos with channeled guidance if you feel so inclined!

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2 thoughts on “Obstacles and solutions”

  1. Thank you,thank you for this wonderful opportunity to sign up for the newsletter. Anna is a great blessing and a amazing inspiration to us. I am grateful for her loving contribution in the Royal Society and projecting positive light for all to be guided on their journey. Also, she makes astounding impact in a world with a vast amount of people or human beings in great need for love and hope. I am honored to know her and thank you. I hope for great abundance,love,hope,faith,prosperity or peace,wisdom and immense beauty for her always. Also, for all the wonderful people. Thank you,thank you Bryant and Jenni McGill and hugs to all. Respectfully and lovingly, Royal Marianne Brinkman(Marianne Elizabeth). BeRoyal.com

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